Car Wash


Splish Splash Car Wash of Vineland

Splish Splash is an all-new environmentally-conscious car wash, using fully automated touchless technology. In addition to the full-service and self-serve options outlined below, Splish Splash features vacuum and shampoo islands, vending machines with a full line of cleaning & detailing supplies and a state of the art digital video security system.

All water at Splish Splash Car Wash is treated and recycled. As of June 1, 2009 we are the only area car wash to be qualified for the Industrial Storm Water General Permit NJ0088315, for facilities that eliminate the exposure of industrial source materials to storm water discharged to the surface and/or ground waters of our state. Click here for more information.

Self-Serve Options

We offer three automated wash packages

The Splish Splash Package ($12.00)

The Splash Package ($10.00)

The Splish Package ($8.00)

Soft Truck Splash

Soft Splish Splash Package ($12.00)

Soft Splash Package ($9.00)

Soft Truck Splash Package ($8.00)

Soft Splish Package ($7.00)