Vineland U-Store-It

Vineland natives Philo W. Chapman and Philo Chris Chapman are the father-son team and founding partners of Philos Development LLC, a privately held corporation that owns Vineland U-Store-It and Splish Splash Car Wash. Owning and operating several companies in Vineland, NJ since 1998, their successful partnership brings together over 70 years of experience in the self storage industry, manufactured housing industry, construction, development of real estate and, most recently, the car wash industry.

We realize that all storage facilities may seem the same - but with climate-controlled storage units, standard storage units, and friendly, personalized service, Vineland U-Store-It is a cut above the competition. We have on-site personnel six days a week who can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

And now you can knock out two errands at once by stopping by our brand-new state of the art Splish Splash car wash, located adjacent to Vineland U-Store It. With our fully automatic bay and our self-serve bays, Splish Splash will help you keep your baby looking shiny and new in just a matter of minutes. Who has time to wash their car in their driveway? Don’t bother! Come down and see us and get that new-car look in a fraction of the time.